Photo Credit: David Watersun
'Full coconut cup'

4,495 SF Single-family split-level residence
Home office and attached garage.


    A physician and wife began their written dream home wish list with "As Frank Lloyd Wright was able to blend his Welsh Unitarian background - combined with transcendentalism - with his Japanese experiences in 1905 and 1913, so we wish to combine occidental and oriental influences into the subliminal impressions of our island home. The statement should be subtle, yet evident to the discerning eye. We hope to blend these cultural influences in such a manner that the visual effect is both pleasing and comfortable."
Implementation of the Owner's wish list began with a concept by Ms. Cornelia Brierly, one of Wright's apprentices in the early 1930s, who first sketched a structure that formed a hexagon. Wright later employed this in his design of the "honeycomb house." For this client's home, the contiguous shape starts at the entry door and splits the two-story home into three levels with two wings.

Photo Credit: David Watersun    A Wright inspired internal foyer disperses the traffic flow north and south and precludes the arriving guest from direct entry into the Great Room. A split-level wing contains a master bedroom above, a home office mid-level, and a garage below, while sunsets over the West Maui Mountains share equal bragging rights with the fireplace as the focal point of the Great Room. Just a few steps up from the living space the kitchen circles an island and features expansive views of west Maui - the dining area on the opposite side looks up to Mount Haleakala. Visitors can wander through the citrus orchard from the guest quarters, which are reached through the kitchen.

Photo Credit: Auggie Salbosa    "It was a joy to participate in the evolution and refinement of Rich's initial concepts - he has an unusual gift for listening, for contemplating, for considering new and different ideas. Rich can accept new thoughts with grace and... also... reject them with firmness. His devotion to detail and sensitive support has been... and will continue to be... much appreciated."
Upon completion of their new residence, the owners expressed "Now that the design is a concrete reality, now that the construction phase is completed, now that we are living in our new home, we are grateful to everyone who contributed to the realization of our dreams. To none more than Rich Young, our architect. Working with Rich has been a pleasure we will long remember."