Photo Credit - Claudio Santini
'The Grasses'

5,469 SF Residence
3 bedrooms, 4 baths, art studio, home office, lanai, attached garage
700 SF Guest cottage
2 bedrooms, 1 bath.

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Featured in:
La Mia Casa, June 2002

    This 20,000 SF Maui, Hawai'i oceanfront property lies at the bottom of a narrow private driveway and all construction supplies, including tons of demolition dregs from a pre-existing older two-story house, guest cottage and garage, passed through a 12 foot wide gate. The new home was positioned sensitively above a rocky point with a fragile shoreline ecosystem below; throughout construction great care was taken to assure that nothing occurred on the job site that would adversely affect the nearby pristine water filled with colorful reef fish, and endangered sea turtles
and whales.

Photo Credit - Claudio Santini    The secluded residence and cottage were constructed to fulfill the Owners' dream of living on the ocean in Hawai'i  and to create a truly extraordinary environment in which to gather family and grandchildren. The Owners - one an author, the other an entrepreneur - prepared a "wish list" for their new home, a reinvention of the ancient Hawaiian steep-pitched pili grass shelter incorporating up-dated uses of traditional Hawaiian concepts. This includes a unique lanai (a sheltered open porch) and the connection to the main rooms by going outside one to go into another... a design tradition in late-1800s/early-1900s kama'aina (child of the land) homes. A large steep pitch island-style roof covers the main house and allows a generous lanai to separate Hale Nui Loa (Great Room) from the kitchen, dining and bedroom hale (house). Wood columns support the roof just as in early Hawaiian structures.

Photo Credit - Claudio Santini    Multi-slide pocket doors act as walls for the entry lanai and open to let the Tradewinds naturally cool the house, and upstairs the multi-slide pocket doors open the Master Bedroom to sweeping views of Moloka'i, Lana'i, and sunsets. A distinctive eyebrow dormer conveys natural light to the Master Dressing and bath areas: the shower's glass panel is sandblasted with a giant wave, imitating the waves breaking directly below. Although open to the ground floor, each of the four bedrooms on the upper-level remain totally private. Rae Douglas low voltage lights are featured on the exterior of the garage and in the powder room. Grade-level large windows allow family and guests to whale-watch in the large open kitchen or while dining. Coral walls, inside and out, give the house a subliminal connection to the nearby ocean, and the coral enclosed shower outside the living room maintains the relationship between house, swimming pool, and the Pacific Ocean a few feet away.